People Against Killing Kangaroos has developed a logo for pet food manufacturers to use under license on the condition that their company does not use any kangaroo ingredients, or ingredients from any Australian wildlife, in their products or on their premises.

We believe that being “kangaroo free” is a great marketing opportunity, especially when we – and other organisations – will campaign and educate the public about the perils of kangaroo products. We hope to work with celebrities to get our messages out to the public. Any company that promotes themselves as “kangaroo free” has an advantage and will rise above the campaigning to be a champion for our environment.

According to government data, bushfires, drought and disease has caused kangaroo numbers to decline by up to 90% in some regions, on average around 70%. We cannot afford to use kangaroo ingredients in our pet food. The time has come to place conservation above commercialism, so we can save an Australian icon.

Please contact for more information and to discuss your company being a champion of Australian wildlife.

Your company can be part of the problem or part of the solution: the choice is yours. Be “kangaroo free” today.