People Against Killing Kangaroos brings individuals, organisations and groups together for the purpose of saving kangaroos from cruelty and killing. While kangaroos are “protected” under legislation, millions of kangaroos are killed each year for commercial and non-commercial reasons. Our goal is to enforce the protection of kangaroos to ensure cruelty and killing is prohibited by law for all kangaroo species.

Our supporters include:
Adelaide Native Wildlife Advocacy Group
Amaris Wildlife Sanctuary (Tenterden, Western Australia)
Animal Justice Party (Western Australia)
Animal Liberation (South Australia)
Anne Williams (wildlife carer)
Az Crafty Az
Barbara Hansen
C Cheryl Peemoller
Charmen Rose
Cindy Curran
Claire Patullo
Debbie Webby
Deborah Laird
Dolly Gent
Elaine Roy
Elena Polozkova
Elizabeth Grasso
Emma Murace
Gramma Roses Aviaries and Petting Zoo
Gumbys Kangaroo and Wildlife Sanctuary (Wandearah East, South Australia)
Gwen Andersen
Helen Bahnsen Dowland
Ilene Perkel
Janine Clipstone
Jeanette Handes
Joanna K Heathen
Joanne Gabrielle
Joanne Mitchell (wildlife carer)
Judy Elliott (wildlife carer)
Kat Lester
Kathrin Otto
Leonie Adams
Lesley Adamson
Linda Rose Forney.
Louise Guthrie
Louise Whitaker
McIntyre Wildlife Shelter (Loddon Shire and District, Central Victoria)
Rae Harvey
Red Box Wildlife Shelter (Elphinstone, Victoria)
Robyn Opie Parnell
Rowena Dexter
R & R Books Film Music
Samantha Kiss (wildlife carer, pouches fundraising)
Sandy Welch (wildlife carer)
Sime Validzic
Sonia Blackwell
Stefan Dreher
Susan Lee
Tam Ramashee
Trish Mathers (wildlife carer)
Vishnu Punithavel
Wild 2 Free Kangaroo Sanctuary
Wildwood Wildlife Shelter (Glenthompson, Victoria)
Yogi Thomas
and thousands more…