People Against Killing Kangaroos unites people to fight for an end to the cruelty and inhumane killing of kangaroos already in decline due to habitat loss, drought, bushfires, disease and illegal hunting.

When governments don’t care, people do!

We seek the introduction of laws that prohibit the killing of kangaroos for any reason not related to the welfare of individual animals.

The coalition of free people hereafter known and named as the People Against Killing Kangaroos hereby assert our primary concern: a total and permanent end to the killing of kangaroos and the enshrinement of this position in State and Federal law, excepting those that already exist to govern the care of wildlife that comes into human contact through injury or illness to individual members of macropod species. We believe that such a position should be legally defensible on the grounds of ethical consideration and on the further grounds that such laws would not deny any legitimate concern of both individuals within the community and the public of Australia at large. We consider our position congruent with best practice within a modern democratic society. 

In summary, the codification of our position into law is the primary goal of this organisation. 

Within this statement, we will present the case within an ethical context, as this is where the strength of our argument is ultimately to be found. In providing this assessment, we intend to demonstrate the urgency and absolute need for a movement of legislation towards our policy recommendations.

We seek an end to the killing of kangaroos in all States and Territories of the Commonwealth of Australia, inclusive of privately owned land, exclusive of indigenously administered land, immediately on the grounds that the killing of kangaroos is a clear and present assault on the ethical standing of sentient beings within their native habitats. There is no scientific argument that kangaroos are not capable of feeling pain: all macropods possess a nervous system which functions in the same manner as the CNS found in human beings. It is scientific fact that kangaroos can suffer. It is fact that they can anticipate pain. It is never in the interests of a kangaroo to feel pain in the same way that it is so for human beings. Any and all laws that apply to the protection of human beings from pain must be applied to kangaroos in a consistent manner. Kangaroo culls, which are supposedly driven by concern for the animal, do not apply under these conditions: there is no equivalent law that allows for the culling of human beings. Human beings do not have a greater weight of concern when it comes to the interests of sentient beings in avoiding pain and suffering. The immediate cessation of the killing of kangaroos will not impact at a greater rate the well-being of the people who would lose their ability to kill kangaroos. This argument cannot logically be made as defence of the industries involved.  Primary producers must be accountable to the government for the management of the land. There exists no right to the independence of action on privately held land and the assertion of any such right is farcical.

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