“On 23 May 2020, my husband and I drove 6 hours around South Australia. Our destination was the Wilpena Pound Resort. We drove to Wilpena Pound via Quorn and returned home a different route via Orroroo. On our round trip, we saw a total of 16 kangaroos – 6 in the wild and 10 in the Flinders Ranges National Park. The regions we drove through are supposed to have some of the highest kangaroo numbers in South Australia. Yet we only saw 16 kangaroos in a 6 hour drive. If we hadn’t visited a national park, we would have seen a total of 6 kangaroos in 6 hours. Kangaroos are not in high numbers. They are not abundant or overabundant. They are not in plague proportions. Kangaroos are disappearing from the Australian landscape. They need help or they will disappear forever.”
Robyn, South Australia

Grazing sheep, cattle and goats have replaced kangaroos.

“I live right next to Lerderderg State Forest in Victoria, an area where there is a fair bit of forest that’s never been visited by people (as the gorges are very treacherous). During the 11 years that I’ve been here I’ve only ever seen 2 kangaroos on my travels and walks around here, both on separate occasions.”
Magz, Victoria

“I recently drove from Central Victoria to regional New South Wales in a 15 hour round trip. I saw 2 dead kangaroos on the side of the road and half a dozen live ones in a paddock in northern Victoria. The land was devoid of them.”
Ana, Victoria

“I’ve lived in Hume for around 24 yrs and we went from seeing an abundance of kangaroos to none. On any given day, it wasn’t uncommon to see mobs of 30 to 40 here and there. I worked at Melbourne Airport, where there were a few mobs. The DELWP culled the kangaroos, along with development, and many killed on roads, I drive in the same areas and now I see none.”
Joanne, Victoria

“The numbers visiting my place have gone from 250+ every day to less than 40 in 11 years.”
Deb, ACT

“Kangaroos used to visit our property, looking for shade and water. We used to see the same families. They came so regularly, they became familiar and welcome visitors. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a kangaroo near our property since January 2019. They have disappeared.”
Rob, South Australia

“I just did a 3 day 1.200 kilometre trip into the bush. No roads no farms, no reason there shouldn’t be any kangaroos. What’s occurred is kangaroos have been annihilated over the years by cowboys with guns as what occurred in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. In 2015, I drove from Tasmania through Flinders up to Birdsville, Alice Springs and across the Great Central road past Warburton to Perth and didn’t see many kangaroos then either. Not one roadkill either. Most people are oblivious to the fact that our wildlife is fast disappearing as they either don’t care or don’t travel. At best the last time I saw a kangaroo was months ago when I saw a small mob of four.”
James, Western Australia

“On our 2015-2016 road trip we saw so many kangaroos it got boring. This time (2019-2020) it got to the point we hardly felt the need to be on alert when driving at night. Saw almost no kangaroos.”
Lauren, Victoria

“I drove from an hour west of Tamworth to Newcastle during the day and back again at night, arriving home at 3 am. I did not see one kangaroo, dead or alive. The previous fortnight I saw one big buck. So its worrying. Where are they?”
Trace, Queensland

“In places I used to see lots of kangaroos grazing, I now see none.”
Lesley, New South Wales

“On numerous train trips to Melbourne, I have seen only a scattering of kangaroos.”
Louise, Victoria

The barren Australian landscape – no wildlife.

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  1. Honestly our government is a disgrace! The amazing iconic Kangaroo is disappearing from Australia. Inflated numbers leading to egregiously cruel slaughter of adults & joeys. This must stop 🛑 This is their land, it should be illegal to shoot them!

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