Culling Kangaroos for Money

Approximately 60% of Australia’s land is used for grazing livestock and growing crops. Another 17% is mined by mining companies. Agriculture and mining utilise 77% of Australia’s total land mass. At least 80% of Australia has been cleared of native vegetation. Australia has lost 25% rainforest, 45% of open forest, 32% woodland forest and 30% of mallee forest in 200 […]

Big Numbers is a Big Lie

A search of the internet brings forth the often quoted number of 50 million kangaroos in Australia, two kangaroos per person. This figure came from the Federal Government in 2016. The page is If you clicked on the above link, you discovered that the page was no longer available. The content has been removed, which means that the source […]

Kangaroos Disappearing from the Wild

“On 23 May 2020, my husband and I drove 6 hours around South Australia. Our destination was the Wilpena Pound Resort. We drove to Wilpena Pound via Quorn and returned home a different route via Orroroo. On our round trip, we saw a total of 16 kangaroos – 6 in the wild and 10 in the Flinders Ranges National Park. […]

Money VS Kangaroo Sustainability in South Australia: Money Won

The Story in Northern Territory In 2008, the Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts published the report: Assessment of the conservation and management of the Red Kangaroo Macropus rufus and Euro Macropus robustus in the Northern Territory (H.M. Neave)  The report concluded that: Based on the analysis of data from aerial surveys conducted over the Barkly […]